Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gustavo Gutierrez, Opata Nation


of the
Doctrine of Discovery
a narrative of 40 Years
Farm Worker Organizer and Community Activist
Gustavo Gutierrez, Opata Nation

Organizing Indigenous Agricultural Workers in Arizona

“We have been here since time immemorial.”
 “The European Americans should know about the Doctrine of Discovery, it should be part of the curriculum in the schools.”

“If we allow the European American people to continue to just impose their concepts and their ideas we are not doing our duty.”
“The moment that you call me a Latino or a Hispanic, I am not going to give you no interview.  You can call me Mexica, you can call an Indian, you can call me Chicano, but you cannot call me a Latino or a Hispanic because I am neither of them.  I wasn’t born in Spain, I did not come from Spain, my ancestry is Opata.”

Gustavo Gutierrez, 1932 -2012
Tecuhtopilli Itahtonalli
Marching to the Fields of Justice
Campos de Colores


  1. Somos unos hijos de esta tierra anahuaca de muchas naciones que forma u una sola voz,un corazón,una sangre y una misma carne y una sola energía que vibra al ritmo de la Madre Tierra.AHOOO

  2. If you want to contact other Opata descendants, you can do so through the Facebook group Opata Nation.

  3. Remembering my dear friends, Gustavo and Raquel Gutierrez. I miss them every day.