Sunday, September 13, 2015

Elements of Process

Elements of Process

1.) Information: Search, Research, Intake, Absorb, Share.

2.) Consciousness: Develop a personal critical consciousness on the issues which are pervaded by the institutionalization of the Doctrine of Discovery from the local-regional, continental-global context.

3.) Reveal: Create a shared community understanding on how the dehumanizing principles of the Doctrine of Discovery are relevant today and continue to provide the cultural framework for the ongoing colonization and genocide of the Original Nations of this continent, the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala.

4.) Take a position. Denounce and repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery and the underlying pathological schema of DOMINATION.

5.) DISMANTLE: Take action, and follow through with inter-generational decolonization strategies.

Strategic Frames
Local-Regional : Continental-Global

Intent and Emergence

Education : Cognition
Law : Harmony
Youth : Regeneration
Religion : Spirituality
Environment : Pacha Mama


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