Thursday, April 11, 2013

Message from Embera Nation, Cabildo San Lorenzo [Colombia]

Indigenous Reserve Cabildo of San Lorenzo

Pueblo Emebera - Chami

Nit. 810003557-2

Incora Resolution No. 010 of June 29, 2000

Fax: 860 4099

Cadas Supia Riosucio

Indigenous Reserve of San Lorenzo, Riosucio, Caldas Colombia,
20 March 2013.


Embassy of Indigenous Peoples
Tupac Enrique Acosta, Yaotachcauh.

The traditional authorities and the Embera community of the San Lorenzo reserve express in the spirit of peace and dignity fraternal greetings to all Native Nations of Anahuac [North America]. While also demonstrating a grateful appreciation to those organizations NAHUACALLI and Tonatierra  for having us present in the form of our representative in the journey of peace and dignity, Mr. Mauricio Gañan Edier Melchor, to participate in the assembly of Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery to be held on the 19th and 20th of April in Arizona and, the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York from May 20th to to May 31st of this year.

To all organizations, nations and peoples, native and non-native, in this assembly: The Embera Nation, according to our Law of Origin and customs that long ago, our parents gave us and commissioned as guardians of generations to take care of this life, of our Mother Earth and our family and contribute the task to help preserve and maintain the balance and harmony of all beings of this beautiful land.

In over 520 years of resistance facing what has been imposed on the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Abya Yala against our traditions and rights of Mother Earth, today we celebrate with dignity the fruit of our struggle and we consider that the will of our ancestors has not been in vain, because thanks to it today that we are in this assembly Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery, to continue remembering, finding, joining and in that way giving continuity and strength to the processes of struggle and resistance within our territories and our organizations.

Light and strength to each and all present, with peace and dignity.

Traditional Authorities of the Embera Indigenous Reserve of San Lorenzo.

Leonardo Gañan Gañan
Governor of the Embera

Jose Alexander Largo
Spiritual Authority of the Embera

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