Monday, May 6, 2013

A.N.A.S.AZ.I. 1984 Letter to Pope John Paul II

American Nations Alliance Sovereign Aztlan Indigena

709 N. 10th Street.  Phoenix, AZ USA 85006
Spring 1984

His Eminence
John Paul II

Rome, Italy

Your Excellency,

We as members of the Traditional Native Nations of the Western Hemisphere feel that the time has come for your office to re-evaluate the principles and effects generated by the Vatican decision of Pope Alexander VI to grant domain over our lands and peoples.  In effect, this decision proclaimed that our way of life, thinking, and existence as nations was meaningless in the eyes of Christian civilization.  We to be “discovered”, used and discarded.

We now ask that you examine in your own conscience the fallacy of this decision.  We humbly ask, how can someone give away what does not belong to them?  A re-examination of this historical event and public comment by your office on this matter is clearly in order.  A revocation of this doctrine would be a milestone for the peaceful attainment of our universal human rights.

We do not ask this in anger or vengeance, but in the Spirit of Truth, trusting in our common faith to the Universal Creator.

For Traditional Xicano Nation,

Tupac Enrique Acosta

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