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Pachacutic Kundur Anka

Abya Yala Report from Ecuador: Pachacutic Kundur Anka

20th Anniversary
of the
First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples
June 14-16, 2010
Quito, Ecuador


Wind of the Wings
The Eagle and the Condor of Abya Yala

Rose Auger, of the Cree Nation is now at home with the rest of her Spirit Lodge relatives. Yet the Tepetlaca - the Mountain Spirit that spoke through her still resides among the summits, valleys, forests, deserts, and waterways that remembrance traced within, encounters of Earth and Sky with in the misty horizon of coastline that runs with Peace and Dignity in protection and projection of the memory and dreams of Abya Yala .

The Kundur of Urin, the Anka of Hanan: The Ebb, and Flow. The Sees Far, and the Sees Within.

Now we arrive and plan to return, not as visitors but relatives of Abya Yala Cuauhyotl, the Confederation of the Eagle of the North in Abya Yala.
The Circle of Purpose approaches completion, the Pachacutic Abya Yala is evident, and with the wind of the wings of transformation the spirit of Kundur Anka prepares for a new emergence of the ancient hope of humanity’s regeneration.

When we arrived in 1990 in Quito, the indigenous uprising across the entire county of Ecuador led by the CONAIE was in full expression and millions of Indigenous Peoples were in engaged in direct action movements. Now, twenty years later the cycle completes but the issues that framed the uprising of 1990 in Ecuador have shifted in context to a Battle for the Planet and the Future of Humanity.

Approaching the field of battle, there arises the sense of a spiritual struggle to assert our Self Determination as Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac, Indigenous Peoples of the World in fulfillment of our traditional cultural obligations as guardians of the Pachamama, the xicalli of MotherEarth. In the context of the situation here in Ecuador and the ongoing crisis in the Territories of the Confederation of the Boa, the Amazon territories of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador share a common scenario.

The governments of each of these countries advocate, either from the right or the left of the Euro-American political agenda, for the supremacy and domination of the Divine Right of States as preemptive of the territorial rights of the Indigenous Peoples, in violation of the Universal Human Rights principles expressed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The position of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador in terms of territorial rights of Indigenous Peoples prescribe an official version of Human History that is in itself a violation of reality, for being domestic derivatives of the Doctrine of Discovery and the social constructs of political states imposed by force of genocide on the continent Abya Yala.

And so the lines are drawn: The Black Line, The Blue Line.
Reflection and Emanations from the 20th Anniversary of the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations, Pueblos, and Organization Quito, Ecuador June 14-16, 2010
Interview on American Indian Airwaves - Coyote Radio with Tupac Enrique Acosta of TONATIERRA.

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