Thursday, March 22, 2012

Native American Caucus to host Indigenous Peoples Forum at state capitol

Rep. Albert Hale
D-Flagstaff (District 2)

Contact: C. Murphy Hebert

March 22, 2012
(602) 926-5848

Native American Caucus to host Indigenous Peoples Forum at state capitol

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Rep. Albert Hale, D-Flagstaff (District 2), will join the Native American Caucus in hosting the 2012 Indigenous Peoples Forum at the state capitol on Friday, March 23.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss the preliminary study on the Doctrine of Discovery.  The event will include an overview of the topics that will be discussed at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May. 

The Doctrine of Discovery empowers an invading nation to take possession of the lands belonging to native people. It has impacted native people since the 1800s.

“This is an important opportunity to discuss the issues facing indigenous people and the sources of these issues which includes the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery is the basis of laws that determine how indigenous peoples in the Americas were treated and continue to be treated,” Hale said. “Indigenous people are under constant pressure to submit to increasingly restrictive federal laws which could threaten the sovereignty of these nations. This is a much needed conversation that will lead to much needed action.”

The forum will feature a variety of speakers representing various Native American communities to cover topics including the Doctrine of Discovery, the impact on indigenous people and what advocates can do to protect Indigenous rights.


C. Murphy Hebert
Communications Director
House Democratic Staff

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